New name, same me

Hi all- the reason I started this blog four years ago was to have a place to openly, anonymously be able to write about my life, my childhood, my feelings, etc.  Recently, someone I am very close to “found out” the name and has access to it, which makes me feel like I have to censure everything I write.  The only option I could think of was to change the name and URL, which I hope keeps my privacy moving forward.

I sometimes forget how important this blog has become to me until it is threatened and then I remember how much it has truly helped me throughout the years…

5 comments on “New name, same me

  1. Hi Anxious ACOA,
    Sorry to hear you have been ‘found out’. There is another, and more tight possibility and that is to make your blog a private one. You then invite people who follow your blog by e-mail. In case you are not familiair with WP: In WordPress go to ‘My Site’, Settings, scroll down in the right part of the screen to Privacy, choose ‘private’ and next the ‘Safe settings’ button to the right. Check out the help function on WP if you need more info. You might lose some followers because not everybody understands this transfer but maybe you could prevent this with writing a introductionary post.
    I don’t know ‘all’ but on my blog you might want to scroll down a few posts to ‘how to start a sober blog’. It is all a bit paranoid about safety etc. but ‘being found out’ by (the wrong people) can really shake people up and threaten sobriety.
    Hope this is of help. Please contact me if you have any questions.
    xx, Feeling

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    • Anxious ACOA says:

      Thank you so much for this information! I am far from computer literate, so this is super helpful. I basically changed everything about my blog…the name, URL, etc. Then when I searched the name of my old one, nothing came up. It’s good to know that if my privacy is threatened again, though, that I have the option you mentioned. I will most definitely check out your blog, too. Thank you again for reaching out!!

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