My Guilt Trip

guilt trip

It is SO easy to make me feel guilty…most people don’t even have to try! It really does not take much. I really hate the feeling of feeling guilt and oftentimes I can’t avoid it, even when I know that I did not do anything wrong. For example, my sister’s boyfriend works long hours and often is not around to spend time with her on the weekends. When I know she is alone, I feel bad. This past weekend, she asked me to go shopping but I already had plans to go out to dinner with my boyfriend. At first, it was hard to enjoy myself knowing that she was lonely. She told me it was fine and she is an adult and has plenty of friends to hang out with, but I sometimes wish I could be two places at once. I worry that I am letting people down or disappointing them. In addition to feeling guilt, I have an issue with excessive worrying…fun! fun!

I am not sure where this guilt comes from or how to stop feeling it.