Argh! Help!

I accidentally posted my COMPLETELY ANONYMOUS blog on my Facebook page. Don’t ask. I was rushing and clicked the wrong thing and only realized 15 minutes later when one of my best friends called me to say that she saw it. I quickly changed the name and now cannot access the old one via the website, but it looks like everything transferred to here. Just wondering if anyone who “follows” my blog on wordpress can see this????? I don’t know if I should just delete everything 😦 or if I did enough damage control fast enough.

ps- it is really important to me that none of my friends/family see or read this bc it is my version of a journal

2 comments on “Argh! Help!

  1. El Guapo says:

    When you changed the name, it deleted the old one. It did transfer your followers over, so people will still get post emails. Not sure if you’ll show in the reader.
    (This page still shows me as following.)


    • Do Nothing Daughter says:

      Thanks, El Guapo…are you able to see all of my 40+ posts, or just this current post? My “followers” are all people I don’t know that I have connected with on wordpress so I wanted to keep them, so that’s a good thing.


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