“Happy!?” Father’s Day


I just looked back and reflected on the post that I wrote last year at this time and it is crazy how things have actually changed. For the past 20 years, I have “joked” that Father’s Day was my 2nd least favorite holiday, only after my dad’s birthday. Historically, he felt entitled to act even more atrocious on those two occasions. Last year was no exception. My sister and I tried to have a nice day with my dad, except he preferred to get drunk and be nasty to us. That’s kind of our family’s tradition on most holidays.

But…this year MIGHT be different. My dad is still sober and considerably nicer to be around and communicate with. I am almost looking forward to Father’s Day this year (it is pretty hard to completely trust that his sobriety, so I am still hesitant and cautious). I guess only time will tell, but I am optimistically hopeful that my family will have a nice day this weekend…stay tuned lol!