Moms :)


Even though I write this blog mostly about my father, I know that my mother was equally as (if not more) influential on my childhood. Whereas I associate my dad with negative things and pain, my mother represents everything good and positive in my childhood. She was the antithesis of my dad- she was sober, kind, patient, loving. Maybe she did not always know what was the best way to protect my sister and me, she did everything in her power to fill our childhoods with happy memories. She was a class mom, my girl scout leader, etc. My sister and I are unusually close to our mom and if anything, she overcompensated for how our dad treated us. Now, she’s not a saint and I had to forgive her a long time ago for not getting my sister and me away from my dad, but now that I am a divorced adult woman, I can understand a little more how hard it was for her. My mom is one of my best friends and I can go to her literally about anything- my day is not complete unless I hear her voice on the phone. I know that even though my dad affected my childhood so, so much, that my mom is the reason that I am a responsible, caring, sensitive, thoughtful, philanthropic, animal loving, craft show attending teacher and adult.

Happy Mother’s Day to all of you 🙂

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  1. dataylor43 says:

    absolutely beautiful!!!

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